About us 

We are the first mining company located in the North West region of Somalia the independent republic of Somaliland. It's a great opportunity to work with you, marketing your products in the Middle East or representing your company and do all administrative facilities in all of our free zones in our sea ports in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or Somaliland. Our business is to create value for our investors by discovering, acquiring, developing, producing, and marketing mineral resources at a profit. Our mission is to create value for our customers from mining gold, iron ore, magnetite, rutile, limonite, Zircon associated base metals through framework based on trust.

Our Strategy

Long term assets to profit from higher metal prices
Effective geologic working on developing reserves
Knowledge to reduce risks and coasts.

Our plant, deposit and sight of mining operations
Country: Somaliland
Concession: Between Longitude 44 & 45and along the Gulf of Aden.
Length: 120 km
Width: 12 km

Area: 144 square kilometers
Deposit: Alluvial sand
Plant: Mineral processing plant at El Sheikh
Minerals: Iron ore (magnetite), titanium minerals & Zircon.
Magnetite: (95% Fe3O4)
Ilmenite: (48% TiO2)
Zircon: (60% ZrO2)
Scope of coverage for our products: India and China markets.
We want an investor who can invest and own these rich deposits with us
More information:
web https://t.co/PjRiJffD4h
products https://t.co/h3CZi1BsYy
video https://t.co/T6PLuzY6wL